уторак, 07. октобар 2014.

Lazy Day

"Mexico Girl" drawing on algae paper
It's been a couple of days since I broke my foot and I must say it's quite annoying. I mean, there's a good things about staying at home, like reading, watching tv shows and movies, great husband who cooks for you and stuff like that. On the other hand, it sucks! I want to go out, have some nice walks with friends, and dance on some good gig.. Oh well, I won't bother you any longer.

  • I'm currently watching Homeland, Peaky Blinders, Good wife and Bob's Burgers. Oh and yes, Downton Abbey. What a great new season I must say.
  • Reading "America" or "The Man Who Disappeared" by Franz Kafka 
  • Doing some T-shirt design for super nice band Young Husbands. You should definitely check them out, if you like post hc/punk screamo sound. I will show you the final design when it's done
  • Listening to Lykke Li and Broken Bells
  • In love with this Puppy
  • When I get on my fit I will definitely prepare this super Chicken Pesto Sandwich . My mom planted a lot of basil, and she brought it to me a couple of days ago, so we are "drowning" in pesto pasta almost every day :)
  • Love Victo Ngai work 

Have a nice rest of the week ._.

понедељак, 06. октобар 2014.

Movie time

Disconnect was OK. but I wasn't that trilled about it. Carnage is movie with a great cast, I mean Kate and Christoph are such a great movie couple. It's fun and enjoyable movie. Source code is a little bit predictable, but Jake G. did great job. I just love every movie moment with him. Enough Said was so nice. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she's so sweet and this was, unfortunately, James Gandolfini's last movie. I was very happy to see Tavi Gevison in the movie, she was really great. The Grand Budapest Hotel was just perfect! Story, cast and of course visual part, that is just breath taking. I really like all those poster/graphics tributes that people do. Wolves of Wall Street was quite amusing, I liked it. 

Punk Rock Holiday part 2

Yeah, it took me sometime to publish second part of my summer trip, but it was really busy these past weeks, so I needed a break from the blog. 
Anyway, long story short, after beautiful Ljubljana, we have visited Bled island. Another beautiful place in Slovenia. Small and cozy, relaxing place perfect for swimming, relaxing on a grass and sunbathing, of course. After the Bled, Tolmin was our next destination. We stayed there for 5 days, and like I sad in previous post, we listened a bunch of great bands, had relaxing and fun time on a beach by the beautiful river Soca. 

On our way back, we've visited Trieste, Italy, where we had some good swimming and walking around the city. Some ice-cream time, yes please. Trieste doesn't have pretty beaches, unfortunately. At least ones in the city. But we weren't in the mood of searching for nice beaches around the city, so we landed at the first one we saw. In the evening we had dinner and drinks in Ljubljana again. It's good that Ljubljana is near the high-way, so we didn't have to drive much. And that was it. Going back home. 

We all agreed that we needed a few days more, time passed so quickly, but hey, at least we have great memories :) I definitely want to go next year to the festival. I've really enjoyed the concept of it even though I'm not a huge fan of festivals, specially the big ones. But this was different. And of course, who can resist to such a good music, right ;)

среда, 27. август 2014.

Punk RocK Holiday - Tolmin, Slovenia part 1

A squat Metelkova in the center of Ljubljana. Great place for chilling and listening great gigs 

A few weeks ago, my friends, husband and me visited Slovenia. We were visiting Punk Rock Holiday, a punk festival in Tolmin, Slovenia. Festival is located beside beautiful river Soca, surrounded with trees and and nice beaches. We had wonderful time, having fun listening to great bands, such as NOFX, Lagwagon, Reel big Fish, Ignite, A Wilhelm Scream, SNFU and many more. I definitely want to come back next year. 
Before we arrived at Tolmin, we visited Ljubljana, a Slovenian capital. It was my first time there, and I fell in love with the city. Small, but so charming, clean and cozy city, with beautiful stores and streets, calm atmosphere. Well, maybe it was too calm, but it was early in the morning, so I guess that was the reason. After Ljubljana, we visited lake Bled. Oh wow, what a wonderful place to have vacation. We were chilling and swimming all day long. My father was always telling my about Slovenian nature and how beautiful it is and now I know what he was talking about. 
I will share more photos and stories in future posts. This pics are from Ljubljana. 
Stay well :)

недеља, 06. јул 2014.

Recently watched

The Company you keep mi je bio zabavan, ali nisam bila previse odusevljena. About time je presladak film, bas sam uzivala. Domhnail Gleeson je sjajno odigrao svoju ulogu, vrlo sarmantno i duhovito. Enemy! Uh! Odlican od pocetka do kraja. Sjajni Jake Gyllenhaal, kao i obicno, puno simbolike, sjajna fotografija, sjajna atmosfera, soundtrack.. Brothers je sasvim okej film. Tobey Maguire je zaista bio neocekivano dobar. The Words mi se bas svideo. Prvo sam htela da ga preskocim, jer je i lose bio ocenjen a i trejler je prilicno neuverljiv, ali na kraju se isplatilo. Philadelphia sam gledala jos kad sam bila klinka, i secam se da mi je bio super film, pa sam htela da obnovim gradivo. Medjutim, ovog puta mi i nije nesto "legao", mada pretpostavljam da je do mene vise nego do filma. 


The Company you keep was entertaining for a moments, but I didn't like it that much. About time is really cute and funny movie, I've really enjoyed it. Specially the role that Domhnail Gleeson did. Enemy was excellent, great Jake Gyllenhaal, a lot of nice symbolic moments, beautiful photography and atmosphere. Brothers was just fine, great cast, specially Tobey Maguire , he was really great. I wanted to skip The Words, trailer wasn't so convincing and the critics gave it low marks, but in the end it turn out really good. I liked it. I even liked Bradley Cooper :P I watched Philadelphia when I was a kid, and I remember I'd liked it very much, but it wasn't the case now. I guess it's me, not the movie, don't know. 

Do you have some movie to recommend? 

уторак, 01. јул 2014.

Ghost People of Savamala

Tijana i ja smo danas opet posetili Savamalu kako bi uradile jos jednog duha. Ukoliko vas zanima prica oko njih, pogledajte malo vise o duhovima na nasem blogu Studio Krishka. Prosle nedelje smo radile na muralu u srednjoj skoli i tamo nas je sacekao kameni, neravan zid, tako da je ovaj ravan zid bio pravo olaksanje. Novi duh slavi leto i pozitivnu energiju. Doduse, malo nas podseca i na zbunjenu  mladu ;) Sasvim slucajno je tako ispalo. 
Sto se tice duhova, uglavnom ljudi pozitivno reaguju na njih, ali danas smo imale i jedan cudan komentar. Naime, gospodja koja je prolazila pored murala, pitala je sta zapravo predstavlja "ta bela figura" i da li ima neke veze sa nekom sektom. SEKTOM?! Objasnile smo joj da nema nikakve veze sa sektom niti bilo kojom negativnom pricom i da mi jednostavno zelimo da prenesemo divan stari duh Savamale kroz dobrocudne, stilizovane duhove. Mislim da smo je ubedili. 
U nekom od narednih postova cu vam pokazati i taj pomenuti mural iz skole, samo dok sortiramo slike.
Nadam se da uzivate u letu uprkos ovim kisama. Pozdrav do sledeceg posta ☼ 
Today Tijana and I made another mural, another Ghost People figure in Savamala, Belgrade. If you want to know more about the whole project, please visit our blog Studio Krishka. Last week we were painting another mural in one high-school and we had to deal with really bumpy wall so it was quite relaxing painting this flat wall. Our new ghost celebrate the summer and positive energy. 
I hope you enjoy your summer days, too.