1 April 2016

Bunny boy

This is a new illustration I did for the upcoming exhibition in Belgrade. It's a group exhibition featuring works of a female street artists. Past few days I'm all into doing some new personal illustrations, since I didn't have time for myself, all it was some commercial stuff I did so this is quite a nice period for me. 

You can buy this print on my big cartel shop. Here It's available in A4 and A3 format. Thank you! 

27 February 2016

Movie time!

Frances Ha was very cute and funny movie, although I had moments where the main actress irritated me so much. Kinsey was very good. El secreto de sus ojos - movie starts very slowly but it drove me very well until the end. Nice story and performance. Neprijatelj is excellent Serbian movie, I like it a lot. I love Zoe Kazan but this movie, The Pretty one, was just meeeh. I mean, it was not boring, but nothing special and I really can not see Jack Johnson as a charming main guy in the move. Nightcrawler was excellent, Jake Gyllenhaal is a God! 

17 February 2016

Mural "What"

Last summer we did a little experiment with one of our murals. When I say experiment, I mean that it isn't matching our style exactly and we've tried to put a different color gradation. We had fun, that's what I can say for a fact. Beside that, we had a company of two wonderful people, photographers, Laura Chiaroni and Filippo Bardazzi who did a little photo journal about Belgrade. Beside all those creative people and places they photographed, they did a few photo of us, showing our studio and work. You can check the project here

16 February 2016

Monday flowers

Hubby bought me some nice flowers. Suits well with this gloomy days. 

23 December 2015

When she was a kid

For this drawing, I was inspired by my mom's photo when she was a kid. She was happy on that photo, but I draw her her a little bit melancholic here, because I remember when I was a kid I said to her, Mom you have those sad puppy eyes. She laughed very much :)