29 January 2015

Berlin bits * Mostly food

Beautiful Barn coffee shop with excellent coffee and sandwiches 

Bad hair day, tiredness and beer :)

Odlucila sam da pocnem ovaj post sa malo hrane i malo posla. Ovaj post je zapravo uvod u sledeci, gde cu pricati o mom i Tijaninom boravku u Berlinu na REmake festivalu. O nasem radu na samom festivalu ste mogli da procitate i na nasem blogu Kriska, ali mislim da je okej da se pojavi i na mom licnom blogu par recenica, predstavljanje ucesnika, opis festivala, moji dozivljaji istog i slicno. 
Verujem da svako ko je posetio Berlin nije ostao ravnodusan na ovaj sjajan grad, prepun zanimljivog kulturnog sadrzaja, divnu arhitekturu, multikulturalnost i istoriju koja zivi zajedno sa savremenim duhom ovom grada. Ovo je bio moj drugi odlasak u Berlin, tako da sam manje fotografisala a vise radila i uzivala u njegovim carima. 

Uglavnom smo izlazili u Kreuzberg i uzivali u Berliner Kindl pivu, jedno od mojih omiljenih ikada. Naravno, uvek je zanimljivo da se vratis na neka mesta gde si vec bio, kao sto su odredjeni pabovi, galerije, prodavnice sa stripovima i knjigama i slicno. A da, mislim da sam se na ovom putu "navukla" na Kafe late. Imali smo u Platoon Kunsthalle, gde smo provodili najvise vremena, sjajnu sankericu koja pravi najbolji late ikad. 

Vidimo se u sledecem postu gde cu malo opsirnije pisati o celoj nasoj avanturi, te daavne 2013. godine ;)  

I've decided to start this post with a little bit of work and a little bit of food. Food is good, right, so
there's no problem. Just kidding. This post is actually a little introduction to a next post, where I will
write about Studio Krishka's trip to Berlin and what we did there. 

26 January 2015

I was re-organizing some of my old files and photos, from the previous computers, and I thought I could share some of them. First photo is taken at my mom's place. She always has flowers somewhere in the house, not necessarily on the table. I love that. Second photo is a collection of those comercial cards you can find in hotels/hostels. I think that this ones are from Budapest. Last photo is taken when I was using those fake gold leaves for my work. I really like how they combine with the paintings. I think I have a stash of it somewhere in the house, I should definitely start using them again. 

Beside that, I'm drawing like a crazy all day long. I'm preparing works for the upcoming exhibition. I don't know the exact date yet, because organization is quite frustrating at the moment. But, it's not the first time I have this kind of problems, so I know that in the end, everything will work out.

▨ Love this “Dos Fridas” fabric made by Alexander Henry. 
▨ Currently reading "Winter of the world" by Ken Follett. It's a second book from the Century trilogy and it'a fantastic historical novel. First part was excellent and so thrilling. The second part is also interesting so far. 
▨ Hey husband, it isn't my birthday, but can you please surprise me with these ;)

23 January 2015

My favorite food blogs

A lot of nice recipes with beautiful photos. One my favorite recipes is Spicy Shrimp and Chicken Creole Jambalaya. Bring back Delicious

Spoon for Bacon is maybe one of my favorite food blogs. Nachos, tarts, great sauces and much more.

Chocolate cake or maybe Strawberry Pretzel Parfait? How about Mini bread puddings? You can find this recipes and much more reading lovely blog Dessert for two, owned by nice lady Christina. 

It will stop raining is a wonderful blog, run by Ai. Most of the time you cannot find recipes here, but despite that, you can find a lot of great food photos and you can also inspire yourself for your next meal. 

Beside wonderful recipes, you can inspire yourself with fantastic photography. Beth, the owner of this beautiful blog, really does an incredible job here. Local Milk 

Love and Lemons is mostly about vegetables. The goal of this lovely blog is to inspire you to be more creative with vegetables, as the owner Jeanine says.

Do you have your own favorite food blogs? Please write me in comment box, I would like to here about them. 

21 January 2015

Movie time

This week was all about romantic comedies. What, what, I needed a break and relaxing time. Ok. The Double is out of that category and it was quite good. I see a lot of Enemy VS. The Double and I must say I like Enemy more. In your eyes with lovely Zoe Kazan was really nice. Although I love Simon Pegg - Nick Frost combination, Paul was a little bit boring. There was a few laughs, but it wasn't that much interesting like the other movies with those two. That awkward moment was a typical movie about guys and girls, but I kind a enjoyed it. The spectacular now was just awful. I didn't expect much from Two nigh stand, but I actually like it. Nice little romantic comedy.  

19 January 2015

New paintings and something more

Here's two more paintings from the ongoing series. I'm totally into these atmosphere of whiteness with intensive color accents and winterish feeling that I'm getting while I create. I'm currently working on some more abstract paintings and I'm glad that it comes quite naturally. It's nice when you wake up and your canvases and paints wait for you. Beside that, I'm preparing new songs with my band for the upcoming tour. I really hope that we will soon record something new. 

 Have you watched Peaky Blinders? Fantastic English tv series. I keep telling my friends we should definitely go like Peaky Blinders on the next costume ball :)

I'm totally in love with Sanna Annukka's work 

▧ Belgrade based architectural studio Autori did incredible work for Belgrade club 100

▧ This fantastic installation by Zin Helena Song.

16 January 2015


Last December, I have visited my friend in Kragujevac. She has lovely studio and she asked me to come visit her there, so we can paint together, listen to nice music and drink chocolate coffee. Her name is Maja Mrdakovic and you can see her work on her Behance page. She is  my college friend by the way and I really love her energy and positivism, so I had wonderful time in her studio. Unfortunately, I stayed there a couple of days, but it was very productive.
In these paintings, I've tried to connect same style and color palette like I have in my drawings. It's actually one big series of my thoughts and feelings presented through drawings and paintings. I really enjoy doing miniature objects and I specially love that particular process when semi-realistic objects naturally turn abstract. I don't paint with oil colors anymore, I prefer acrylics, specially because they are more suitable for what I want to paint.

15 January 2015

A little about my band

Hello there! I just want to announce first mini tour with my band Replicunts and French band Lunch. We will be touring Serbia and Romania, and I guess it will be fun. I play almost 11 years with my band Incomplete and now for three years with Replicunts, and this will actually be the first time I play couple of days in a row. Good thing about this, is that playing in a band is a hobby for me, so there's no pressure that you have when you're doing your daily job, although I love my daily job ;)
This is the poster I did for our tour. It's not quite my style, but I do love to draw monsters. There's really cute panda logo, too and it's for Panda Records owned by guys from Lunch. I will write more about this, definitely, and you can expect many photos from the tour, so stay tuned. Bye bye