10 June 2015

Movie time

Svestenikova deca was a fun watch, but I couldn't agree more with movie critics that there're some missing elements that could made this movie much better. There was a few boring moments, but beside that, I've enjoyed it. Ljudozder vegetarijanac was quite disturbing, but it's a good movie. Excellent performance by Rene Bitorajac. No one's son was also very good. It's always hard to watch movies with ex Yugoslavia war themes in it, specially if you come from Serbia, but I really liked this one. Also, very good cast. Palo Alto was just boring. Sooo boring. Fine dead girls is another Croatian movie on this list. I've watched this movie a couple of years ago, and I wanted to watch it again to remind myself why did I liked it so much. Footnote is charming Israeli movie with nice plot and funny atmosphere. 

18 May 2015

New Mural

A couple days ago, my friend Stefan Ciric aka DROP and I created new mural in Belgrade. Mural is located in Inex Film, a squat in Belgrade. I can't remember the last time I did a mural that wasn't commissioned and it was so fun. Also, its always nice to combine styles and collaborate with other artist. Lizard - Mermaid Renaissance ;)

16 May 2015


I found some old analog photos reorganizing my old computer. Mostly my lovely husband ^.^

17 February 2015

Movie time

▨ Imitation game was just too naive. A lemonade. I love, love Benedict Cumberbatch, but this movie just wasn't that good. Also, there's a lovely Matthew Goode, charming as always. I guess that big success of it is that director managed to make Keira Knightley less irritating that usual. 
▨ Foxcatcher was good, but I've heard a lot of good reviews from my friends, so I guess I expected more and I wasn't that pleased. One of the first roles where Steve Carell wasn't funny and he was very, very good. But I will be a bad guy again, and say that I can't help but wonder, is it because of the good mask or Steve really did amazing job? I have to commend Mark Ruffalo. He was so good! And I'm not even a fan of Mark. 
▨ Birdman was quite amusing. I loved how director cut those scenes and how he interpreted theatre atmosphere. Nice soundtrack, great cast, although I could imagine some other, less famous actors. Even though I love Benedict, I think that Michael Keaton is my Oscar favorite nominee. 
▨ Whiplash was good! And I know that people say that it's nice teenage movie, but I don't care. I really enjoyed it. 
▨ Force Majeure was just brilliant! 
▨ Loved Borgman! Surreal, dark but also funny movie with a lot of religious moments. 

16 February 2015

New Paintings

Hello boys and girls. So, this is a couple of my new paintings and a bit different approach in painting for me. I wanted to keep bright colors that I use quite often, with some neon details. Although it seems that there is one happy environment for my characters, there's still some, let's say, disturbing details or broken things. I've also started a new series of drawings, where I wanted to show a melancholic atmosphere, so I guess I wanted to put a little bit of those feelings in my paintings, too. For a long time I couldn't find a proper motives and inspiration for paintings, so I figurate I can use some details from my drawings and see where it's going to take me. I'm still experimenting with all of this, so I guess the final result will be quite different. 

14 February 2015

Lomo Saturday

Some old photos I found while searching some files on my old computer. 

8 February 2015

Lazy Sunday

U pauzama izmedju slikanja, uspem da pogledam po koji film i da malo "prelistam" blogove koje pratim. Ovaj sneg i hladno vreme mi samo olaksavaju ostanak kod kuce, u radnoj atmosferi. Moram da priznam da mi je nedostajalo ovo full time radno vreme koja sama sebi zadam. Naravno, kao freelancer-u, jako mi godi sto mogu da raspodelim svoje obaveze i da ih zavrsim kada meni odgovara. U principu sam prilicno azurna i skoro nikad, nikad ne kasnim kad je u pitanju neki posao. To je malo i cudno, jer sam cesto veliki kampanjac. Ponekad se zabrinem koliko dobro prodjem sa nekim kampanjski odradjenim poslom i obecam sebi da to vise necu raditi, ali avaj. Nemam jos uvek tu kontrolu. 

Nestrpljiva sam da zavrsim knjigu koju trenutno citam, kako bih pocela Ransom Rigsovu knjigu "Dom gospodjice Pelegrin za cudnovatu decu", kao i njen nastavak "Grad pustoduha". Imam toliko knjiga "na cekanju", prosto mi je zao sto ne citam brze. 

 Preslatke igracke sa divnom paletom boja

► Kad ce leto da pravimo Mohito sa lubenicom

► Savrsena Hay ogledala

► Volim slike Lole Donoghue

I'm painting all day long for the last 10 days and I really feel like I'm working in some company. Overtime, of course. But I 
cannot complain. My work is definitely more fun than some random office job. That's for sure. I'm watching movies like
crazy. Yup! Well, girl needs to relax before bedtime. I will soon post movie recommendations. I need to do that more often, I
have a long list of movies. Beside that, I'm really curious  who's gonna win the Oscars this year. There's a lot of good movies
and it will be tight. Of course, I always cheer for Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, he managed to make  that lemonade of
The Imitation Game a little bit better. A lot better if you ask me. Movie was just, meh. But also, there's fantastic Michael Keaton.
But, I will say no more. I will write my impressions in a next Movie time post. Here's some interesting things I found on internet.

► I love this cute toys. And what a lovely color palette 

► I want summer so we can make this Watermelon Mojito

► I want those perfect Hay mirrors

► Lola Donoghue's paintings are so inspiring