About me

 Hi! My name is Barbara Dimić (maiden name Ismailović) and I'm an illustrator and designer from Belgrade, Serbia. Most of the time you will find me drawing, designing, crafting, playing bass and guitar, preparing some nice food and watching movies. I run a small independent design studio with my friend Tijana, it's called Krishka. We make all kinds of stuff, like prints, furniture, home decorations and wall murals. Also, I play in two punk rock bands, bass and singing, Incomplete and Replicunts. One is with my husband and the other one is with two of my girl friends.

This blog is my journal of things that I create, inspirations, people I love and a lot of colorful stuff.

If you want to contact me about freelance job or just to say hi please write here modrijan_a@hotmail.com 

Thanx for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy your stay.