15 January 2015

A little about my band

Hello there! I just want to announce first mini tour with my band Replicunts and French band Lunch. We will be touring Serbia and Romania, and I guess it will be fun. I play almost 11 years with my band Incomplete and now for three years with Replicunts, and this will actually be the first time I play couple of days in a row. Good thing about this, is that playing in a band is a hobby for me, so there's no pressure that you have when you're doing your daily job, although I love my daily job ;)
This is the poster I did for our tour. It's not quite my style, but I do love to draw monsters. There's really cute panda logo, too and it's for Panda Records owned by guys from Lunch. I will write more about this, definitely, and you can expect many photos from the tour, so stay tuned. Bye bye

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