16 January 2015


Last December, I have visited my friend in Kragujevac. She has lovely studio and she asked me to come visit her there, so we can paint together, listen to nice music and drink chocolate coffee. Her name is Maja Mrdakovic and you can see her work on her Behance page. She is  my college friend by the way and I really love her energy and positivism, so I had wonderful time in her studio. Unfortunately, I stayed there a couple of days, but it was very productive.
In these paintings, I've tried to connect same style and color palette like I have in my drawings. It's actually one big series of my thoughts and feelings presented through drawings and paintings. I really enjoy doing miniature objects and I specially love that particular process when semi-realistic objects naturally turn abstract. I don't paint with oil colors anymore, I prefer acrylics, specially because they are more suitable for what I want to paint.


  1. I love the dainty, fragile nature of the paintings. It makes me want to get up close & see what I can spot within it.

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