17 February 2015

Movie time

▨ Imitation game was just too naive. A lemonade. I love, love Benedict Cumberbatch, but this movie just wasn't that good. Also, there's a lovely Matthew Goode, charming as always. I guess that big success of it is that director managed to make Keira Knightley less irritating that usual. 
▨ Foxcatcher was good, but I've heard a lot of good reviews from my friends, so I guess I expected more and I wasn't that pleased. One of the first roles where Steve Carell wasn't funny and he was very, very good. But I will be a bad guy again, and say that I can't help but wonder, is it because of the good mask or Steve really did amazing job? I have to commend Mark Ruffalo. He was so good! And I'm not even a fan of Mark. 
▨ Birdman was quite amusing. I loved how director cut those scenes and how he interpreted theatre atmosphere. Nice soundtrack, great cast, although I could imagine some other, less famous actors. Even though I love Benedict, I think that Michael Keaton is my Oscar favorite nominee. 
▨ Whiplash was good! And I know that people say that it's nice teenage movie, but I don't care. I really enjoyed it. 
▨ Force Majeure was just brilliant! 
▨ Loved Borgman! Surreal, dark but also funny movie with a lot of religious moments. 


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