10 June 2015

Movie time

Svestenikova deca was a fun watch, but I couldn't agree more with movie critics that there're some missing elements that could made this movie much better. There was a few boring moments, but beside that, I've enjoyed it. Ljudozder vegetarijanac was quite disturbing, but it's a good movie. Excellent performance by Rene Bitorajac. No one's son was also very good. It's always hard to watch movies with ex Yugoslavia war themes in it, specially if you come from Serbia, but I really liked this one. Also, very good cast. Palo Alto was just boring. Sooo boring. Fine dead girls is another Croatian movie on this list. I've watched this movie a couple of years ago, and I wanted to watch it again to remind myself why did I liked it so much. Footnote is charming Israeli movie with nice plot and funny atmosphere. 

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