14 September 2015

Athens - First part of our holiday

This July we decides to visit my husband's relatives in Crete, Greece and of course to have a holiday there. We couldn't find a plane tickets, since it was a last minute we decided to go there, so we took a bus to Athens and then a boat to Crete. And although the trip was kind a exhausting, I liked it this way, because we could visit Athens again. 

Luckily, it wasn't too hot, so we could take a good walk around Athens. We wanted to visit Acropolis Museum, but they had such a weird working time, so we skipped it this time. We only visited old museum, and I really wanted to see a new one. Oh well, next time. We were there just a few days after the Greek's referendum and we saw a lot of OXI poster around the city, but the atmosphere that day was just as usual. This is not political blog, so I would not go further with that Greek problem, but I just want to say that all my heart is with Greek people! I have a lot of friends there and I know for sure that situation is different than what we see on TV and read in newspapers. I really hated all those bad propaganda that western media was doing. 

Anyway, it's always nice to come to Piraeus, watching all those boats going and coming to the port. It's so relaxing. And yes, since I'm a big fan of Gyros, I couldn't wait to taste real thing again. We have pretty good Gyros in Serbia, but Greek one is the Greek one. 

I saw a lot of nice street art, stencils and murals and I discovered a lot of nice little streets that I didn't see last time I was in Athens. I personally don't like much of Athens contemporary architecture, but still you can see a lot of interesting buildings and houses. I don't know, but I was always a big fun of Greece, specially Greek coast, of course, and every time I come back to this lovely country, there's that old feeling of joy and happiness. 

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