16 September 2015

Movie time

I really have to post this "movie time posts" more often, since there's so many movies I've watched on my list and I will eventually forget that first impression I had. So here we go:

The Normal heart was excellent! I remember I didn't like Mark Ruffalo when I was younger, but boy, I must say 
he is so good in every movie I've recently watched. 

Boyhood. Hmm, well, except for the fact that movie was filmed over the course of 12 years, which is impressive, I didn't enjoy that much. Yeah, it was boring most of the time. Ok. there was one moment when I really felt deep empathy (SPOILER) and it was the scene when mom (Patricia Arquette) is left alone, children is gone, and she's questioning where her life is going now. 

 Saving Mr. Banks. Oh, I loved this one! And I am a huge fan of Marry Poppins so this was so fun to watch. Did I say that I was singing most of the movie and cried in the end, of course :)

 Very good girls. I've chosen to watch this movie, mostly because of Elizabeth Olsen, I love her so much, but movie was nothing special. Lemonade for the Thursday afternoon. 

 Red Lights. I don't know why this movie was so badly rated. I really liked it. Ok. I know, there was a lot of predictable scenes and clichés, but I don't care. I've enjoyed it. Callian Murphy was very good. 

 If I stay. It was ok, not boring to watch. 

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