25 September 2015

My place at BeforeAfter

Hello boys and girls! A few weeks ago I had a pleasure to be part of Belgrade lifestyle/art site Before After. My friend Marija Strajnic, who is a photographer for the site called me and asked if she can take a few photos of our apartment. She also did a couple of photos of my friend and partner Tijana, so we are together on this as part of our studio Kriska. Beside that, you can sneak peak into our apartment. Everything is still pretty basic, since we've recently move here, but I enjoy so much decorating it slowly. Unfortunately, site is on Serbian only, but at least you can see photos, which are very nice. Here is the link to my post and here's a link to Tijana's apartment. All photos are done by Marija Strajnic

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  1. i love these photos,and i think that they are art


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