6 October 2014

Punk Rock Holiday part 2

Yeah, it took me sometime to publish second part of my summer trip, but it was really busy these past weeks, so I needed a break from the blog. 
Anyway, long story short, after beautiful Ljubljana, we have visited Bled island. Another beautiful place in Slovenia. Small and cozy, relaxing place perfect for swimming, relaxing on a grass and sunbathing, of course. After the Bled, Tolmin was our next destination. We stayed there for 5 days, and like I sad in previous post, we listened a bunch of great bands, had relaxing and fun time on a beach by the beautiful river Soca. 

On our way back, we've visited Trieste, Italy, where we had some good swimming and walking around the city. Some ice-cream time, yes please. Trieste doesn't have pretty beaches, unfortunately. At least ones in the city. But we weren't in the mood of searching for nice beaches around the city, so we landed at the first one we saw. In the evening we had dinner and drinks in Ljubljana again. It's good that Ljubljana is near the high-way, so we didn't have to drive much. And that was it. Going back home. 

We all agreed that we needed a few days more, time passed so quickly, but hey, at least we have great memories :) I definitely want to go next year to the festival. I've really enjoyed the concept of it even though I'm not a huge fan of festivals, specially the big ones. But this was different. And of course, who can resist to such a good music, right ;)


  1. I never knew Slovenia looked so cool, I'll definitely add it to my "places to visit" list. Also, I love the colours on these!

    1. Yes, you should definitely visit Slovenia :)


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