26 January 2015

I was re-organizing some of my old files and photos, from the previous computers, and I thought I could share some of them. First photo is taken at my mom's place. She always has flowers somewhere in the house, not necessarily on the table. I love that. Second photo is a collection of those comercial cards you can find in hotels/hostels. I think that this ones are from Budapest. Last photo is taken when I was using those fake gold leaves for my work. I really like how they combine with the paintings. I think I have a stash of it somewhere in the house, I should definitely start using them again. 

Beside that, I'm drawing like a crazy all day long. I'm preparing works for the upcoming exhibition. I don't know the exact date yet, because organization is quite frustrating at the moment. But, it's not the first time I have this kind of problems, so I know that in the end, everything will work out.

▨ Love this “Dos Fridas” fabric made by Alexander Henry. 
▨ Currently reading "Winter of the world" by Ken Follett. It's a second book from the Century trilogy and it'a fantastic historical novel. First part was excellent and so thrilling. The second part is also interesting so far. 
▨ Hey husband, it isn't my birthday, but can you please surprise me with these ;)

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