23 January 2015

My favorite food blogs

A lot of nice recipes with beautiful photos. One my favorite recipes is Spicy Shrimp and Chicken Creole Jambalaya. Bring back Delicious

Spoon for Bacon is maybe one of my favorite food blogs. Nachos, tarts, great sauces and much more.

Chocolate cake or maybe Strawberry Pretzel Parfait? How about Mini bread puddings? You can find this recipes and much more reading lovely blog Dessert for two, owned by nice lady Christina. 

It will stop raining is a wonderful blog, run by Ai. Most of the time you cannot find recipes here, but despite that, you can find a lot of great food photos and you can also inspire yourself for your next meal. 

Beside wonderful recipes, you can inspire yourself with fantastic photography. Beth, the owner of this beautiful blog, really does an incredible job here. Local Milk 

Love and Lemons is mostly about vegetables. The goal of this lovely blog is to inspire you to be more creative with vegetables, as the owner Jeanine says.

Do you have your own favorite food blogs? Please write me in comment box, I would like to here about them. 


  1. Hey Barbara! Thanks for featuring Bring Back Delicious! These other food blogs look great too so I'll have to check them out.

    1. Hello Rebecca, you're welcome :) Thank you for visiting and of course, thank u for nice recipes and inspiration.


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