19 January 2015

New paintings and something more

Here's two more paintings from the ongoing series. I'm totally into these atmosphere of whiteness with intensive color accents and winterish feeling that I'm getting while I create. I'm currently working on some more abstract paintings and I'm glad that it comes quite naturally. It's nice when you wake up and your canvases and paints wait for you. Beside that, I'm preparing new songs with my band for the upcoming tour. I really hope that we will soon record something new. 

 Have you watched Peaky Blinders? Fantastic English tv series. I keep telling my friends we should definitely go like Peaky Blinders on the next costume ball :)

I'm totally in love with Sanna Annukka's work 

▧ Belgrade based architectural studio Autori did incredible work for Belgrade club 100

▧ This fantastic installation by Zin Helena Song.

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